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Latest eco power news:
- The world largest offshore wind farm will be built in the Thames Estuary, east of London.  The London Array wind farm (341 turbines) will generate 1gw of electricity and should be ready to generate power for the 2012 Olympics.

About eco power:
There are many sources of power that are renewables and sustainables. Most of us agree that they are the way forward to a greener world.

The solar energy is the energy transmitted from the sun in the form of electromagnetic radiation. A solar energy system provides between 6 and 10 hours of heat a day, depending on your location and on the weather. Solar energy has a huge potential for the human population as the amount of energy received by the earth from the sun is 23,000 times the amount of power we would all need.

Wind power has been used over the centuries for example to propel ships or to grind grain. Wind turbines are used to extract the energy from the wind and generate electricity.

Marine energy is extracted from marine turbines. The first commercial wave energy plant should be created soon off the coast of Portugal.

Other eco power sources are the biomass energy and the thermal energy.