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Buildings and houses are responsible for a large proportion of the global CO2 emissions on the planet. In the UK, buildings are responsible for 46% of the CO2 emissions and homes for 27%. In addition to that, more than half of the water supply is used by houses and it is increasing  year over year.

Homes and building are using an increasing amount of energy and we now need to consider building more green and eco buildings and houses.

Choosing eco-friendly materials and paint to build and decorate your house is a good start but the main focus should be on reducing the energy used by the house.

Building an eco home is not necessarily more expensive than building a normal house. There is an increasing number of builders and architects specialising in building eco homes. The more people will want to build their eco homes, the cheaper it should get.

Buying eco appliances, eco furnitures and eco cleaning products for your home, as well as producing your own vegetables and fruits, also help to make your home a more eco-friendly place to live.