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People around the world are affecting the environment and some of us are contributing more than others to the production of carbon dioxyde (CO2).

The richest countries are adding more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than poor countries but it is the poorest countries that are suffering the most from climate change and damaged eco-systems.

A higher concentration of carbon dioxyde in the atmosphere means an increase of the global warming, which would over time affect the climate and our eco-systems. Populations would suffer from rising sea levels and difficulties to find water.

Tackling climate change is not easy and requires efforts from all of us. Governments are taking measures to reduce our carbon footprint but it takes time and each of us should make an effort and try to become more eco responsible and eco friendly with the environment. is not the bible of ecology, it is a mobile guide to the basics of a more eco friendly life. Of course, not everyone will have the opportunity to build an eco house or invest in solar panels. Each of us should be inspired by ways to a more eco friendly life and choose the elements that are relevant and applicable.

There are simple eco tips that can help reducing the amount of carbon dioxyd we directly or indirectly produce. Using the public transport and growing your own vegetables in your garden are simple eco tips but they help reducing our carbon footprint.