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The engine of a car burns fuel and therefore produces carbon dioxyde, which pollutes the environment.

Not everyone can afford a new, green and eco car. By following some simple eco tips, you can change your car to a more eco-friendly car.

Staying within the speed limit increases your safety and also reduces the amount of petrol your car is burning. Consequently, driving below the speed limits will contribute to less CO2 emissions than if you were driving over the speed limits.

Make sure your tyres pressure is right as it will also help decrease carbon dioxyde emissions. Under inflated car tyres create resitance and more petrol is used in this case.

Try to reduce the times you stop and start the engine of your car at the traffic lights. A lot of carbon dioxyde is produced when the car is started. But if you are at a standstill for more than 5 minutes, you might want to switch off the engine of your car and stop wasting fuel.

Try not to carry to much extra weight in your boot. The lighter your car is, the less carbon dioxyde it will produce.

Car manufacturers are working on producing more eco cars. Consider the level of fuel economy when buying a new car.

We all hope to very soon see more and more true eco cars on the roads, like solar cars, hydrogen powered cars, electric cars or biofuel powered cars.